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Medical Weight Loss Clinic Program

$100/Visit, Clinic is Every 2 Weeks

Your visit will include medical evaluation and monitoring by Board Certified staff, 1 fat burner injection, 2 weeks worth of an appetite suppressant prescription, a customizable meal plan & grocery list, and personal coaching.

$50 Introductory Visit!!!!!

At Premier Body WoRx, our Board Certified professionals & coaches believe that nutritional education and realistic meal planning are the foundations to succeeding at a healthy lifestyle change.  Our patients are always evaluated and monitored under a physicians care.  What makes us different than other weight loss programs is that we don't advertise for a quick fix and we do not push products on you.  We want you to stop the yoyoing that many of us have, unfortunately, accepted as the norm and live the healthy life that you deserve.  We are committed to getting you off of that weight loss roller coaster once and for all!!!!!             

Groupon purchasers: same day cancelations are not allowed and are subject to forfeiting 1 treatment. We understand that emergencies happen last minute, therefore everybody is allowed 1 last minute emergency cancellation without penalty.