Pigment Balancing Peel:

  Single Session $125, 6-Pack $660

  The Pigment Balancing Peel is a Skinceuticals exclusive.  A customizable chemical peel targeting hyperpigmentation

  to dramatically improve the uneven appearance of photodamaged, blotchy skin. This chemical peel procedure combines 

  high-performance brightening and anti-inflammatory agents with a powerful exfoliating acid solution to accelerate cell     renewal and diminish diffuse and localized hyperpigmentation.

  • Fades dark spots
  • Improves skin tone
  • Increases radiance
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves laxity

*Add On Single Session Microderm: +$25

The Precision Diamond-Peel Microdermabrasion:

Single Session $100,  $125 w/ Gel Peel

A gentle, safe, non-invasive procedure that effectively treats wrinkles, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, and acne on the face, back and/or shoulders.  Microdermabrasion removes the top layer of dead skin, uncovering the healthy, vibrant skin underneath. Even after your first session, your skin will look younger, refreshed, and rejuvenated.  The Viora Pristine contains 13 diamond tips varying in size, shape & coarseness grades, customized for various skin types and symptoms.

End of 'Texas' Summer Special

25% Off Advanced Pigment Corrector With The Purchase Of A Pigment Balancing Peel.

Sale Price: $60, Originally: $80


Groupon purchasers: same day cancelations are not allowed and are subject to forfeiting 1 treatment. We understand that emergencies happen last minute, therefore everybody is allowed 1 last minute emergency cancellation without penalty.   

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Don't forget to take home the perfect companion to your laser or peel treatments.

$25/Masque     $120/6-Pack

  Toll Free 817-201-4899

Optimal for sensitive or compromised post-procedure skin, this highly efficient, supple, sterilized masque creates a protective barrier that helps facilitate the recovery process. The unique fibers distribute heat-reducing water to the disrupted barrier, alleviating discomfort and providing immediate relief.  Clinically tested on compromised skin after laser procedures and chemical peels, this masque can also be used as a bi-weekly replenishing treatment.

  • Acts as an artificial barrier to alleviate discomfort while allowing for breathability
  • Creates continuous cooling and soothing
  • Replenishes and provides immediate relief to compromised skin
  • Reduces heat sensation following procedures